Cedric Ingram was born in Dallas, TX in 1981.  He studied Studio Art and eventually completed a BA in Communications - Media Production from the University of Houston in 2006.  After obtaining teaching certification in 2007, Cedric started teaching art at the high school level and continues to teach today.


Ingram has displayed his artwork in galleries in California, Illinois, and Texas where he is currently producing works.  In 2016 he was chosen as a finalist for the 36th Annual Hunting Art Prize for his work "View from the Garden". Working predominantly with oil pastels as his medium of choice, he portrays urban contemporary themes.


With a wife and three children, Ingram continues to pursue his artistic aspirations in Richmond, TX.


Artist Statement

The world shows it's face every day, you just have to pay attention.  Who are we?  This is a question that has fueled an even better question, who am I?  All that I've known of my family and my African American culture has been taught to me with huge omissions of information by society and school systems by choice, then some misinformation from my family by being victims of the same circumstances.  In recent years, I have come to realize that I can make my own efforts to connect to my true being.


Despite the evidence and news thats pops up daily and being on the receiving end of a few hateful incidents in my lifetime, I can focus energy for embracing who we are, getting connected to our true origins, and loving self through art.


My art focuses on this turning point with taking a more traditional medium, in oil pastel, portraying urban African American Contemporary themes.  I love the vibrant color and contrast of oil pastels to bring the subject matter of the work to life.  Recent works have found me to pair oil pastel with acrylic backgrounds adding more graphic elements and dynamic compositions to orchestrate a play between traditional and contemporary styles.  My work chooses to explore greater possibilities with what I feel has been an overlooked medium in oil pastels and challenging people's perception of them.

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